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Welcome To AA-A Green Light Driving School Ltd is MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses Provider.

We are committed to teaching defensive driving techniques to teenagers and adults across GTAs in an environment where learning is fun, schedules are flexible, and total customer satisfaction is a priority & Guarantee.

We provide both the mandatory 20 hours in the classroom and 10 hours of in-car lessons and 10 hours of homework. 

It is our mission to provide individuals with the highest level of driver education to ensure our roads and highways are safe for all users. When you complete our program, you will be confident behind the wheel no matter what situations or obstacles you may face.

We provide reasonably priced for Beginner Driver Education Programs to the people of all ages with an easy payment plan.

Our in class and in car instructors are certified instructors by the Ministry of Transportation, highly experienced, very professional and patient and courteous.  

In a class location at Oakville always kept clean, bright and equipped with all necessary advanced education material, the in-class session is designed always fun and educational and properly preparing our students to be the best and safest drivers they can be.

Courses are available year round; we offer weekend classes, evening classes through the fall and winter, 4-day holiday classes as well as weekday courses through the summer holidays. If you are unable to attend a session you can always make it up at any point during a period of one year.

The Green Light Driving classes are designed for you to pass your driving test and obtain your driver's license and include defensive driving training as well as parallel parking. At Green Light that drivers education classes must include emergency maneuvers and techniques to prevent the consequences of distract driving. Upon successful course completion, G1 license holders may be able to qualify for a 4-month reduction in the 12-month minimum G1-licensing period. Qualified Green Light Driving School graduates may also be able to benefit from a potential reduction in insurance premiums.

Our administrative staff is knowledgeable, highly experienced and friendly. They will provide complete assistance and guidance to you throughout the Driver Training Program they will also guide you through the car buying and insurance process.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our program, please feel free to contact us at 905-257-1575


Phone:  (905) 257-1575